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Hot Springs Of Lesvos Island

Thanks to its volcanic past the island of Lesvos has many natural hot springs some of which have fallen into dis-repair but are slowly being renovated by the local communities and being brought back into use again. Popular since the days of antiquity, the various hot springs in use all have different mineral compositions and are recommended for the relief of aches and pains and and various ailments.

The baths at Thermi have an average temperature of 49.6 degrees celsius. They have been in use since the Hellenistic and Roman eras and were once believed to be the divine spring of the goddess Artemis. The waters are ferrous and recommended for the relief of rheumatism, digestive disorders and skin diseases.

The baths on the Gulf of Gera have also been in use since antiquity and are cooler than the Thermi baths at 30.4 degrees celsius. They are sub saline, carbonic and contain chlorine and are particularly good for those with abdominal problems or dropsy. The largest baths on the island they have seperate facilities for men and women and are believed to be situated on the site of the ancient temple to Hera. Many visitors stop here for a bath on their way to the airport as they are located near from the town of Mytilene.

The Polichnitos springs are the hottest to be found in Europe at a temperature of 87.6 degrees celsius and contain sodium and chlorine. Myalgia, sciatica and gynaeoligical disoders are amongst the ailments these waters are reputed to help. There are two baths and men and women bathe seperately here. For more information on the Polichnitos hot springs click here. Near to Polichnitos are the springs of Lisvori with a temperature of 69 degrees celsuis and a similar compostion to the Polichnitos water.

The Eftalou springs, pictured above, are located next to the sea near the town of Molivos and are 46.8 degrees celsius. They are good for those suffering with blood pressure, gallstones, rheumatism and neuralgia and contain chlorine and radium. The hot water of the springs flows into the sea so that even in winter the water is warm and many visitors like to go for a swim as soon as they get out of the baths. There is a modern bathhouse with individual tubs and a communal bath and as well as having a swim in the sea you can sit at the water's edge and benefit from the warm pools created by the water seeping up from the springs. The old bathhouse is also in use for those who prefer it but the water temperature can be extremely high and often unbearable.  See what others have to say about the Eftalou hot springs on Trip Advisor

All of the baths have changing and shower facilities and most are located outside the local village in peaceful surroundings where you can relax and chill out after your bath. Some, such as those at Lisvori have rooms where you can stay overnight or take a nap after your bath and many have at least t cafe nearby where you can get a drink and something to eat. A visit to the baths is highly recommended not only for the relief of ailments but to relax and wash away the stresses of home.

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